Saturday, August 1, 2009

What shoe are you?

Last year, we were at a friends 50th birthday party! I usually listen in a setting such as this. So, I had my ears on and was chasing Cherish around since we know that most 50 year old people do not have a 2.5 year old running around. Maybe grandchildren, but surely not theirs. So, if you know me very well, you know that I was nervous that she would get in someones way.

While sitting there, I listened to a conversation between two ladies that are in their late 50's. They were showing each other their shoes. They were obviously well made, very comfortable nice leather FLATS, well, they might have had about a 1/2 inch block heel. I looked down at my 3 - 3 1/2 inch heels (that I even wear to the mall) and couldn't help but ponder!

I am 42, it hit me right then and there that I don't know anyone over the age of 50 that wears high heels anymore! I began to think about the fact that when I am at our home church and I know that I am going to be praise singing, that I wear my "most comfortable" Sunday night shoes. Now, those still have heels, but they aren't the toe squeezer type.

I love the gorgeous strappy things like my 21 year old, Misti, wears! I think that Carlos Santana shoes are fabulous. However, I bought a pair, wore them once and gave them away. I try them on every time I see a new pair out, and hurriedly take them off to put them back on the shelf! They kill my feet!

Then today, I mentioned of Facebook that I am packing for camp and the comment was made that we all need the matching shoes to each outfit. That is so true, however, it is amazing how many outfits that I can make the "more comfortable" ones match! Then another dear friend mentioned stretchy waistbands. Now that is another subject altogether, but girlfirends, how often to you opt for the stretchy over the zipper, button...................etc. Me? Stretchy all the way! LOL
Cherish is 3.5 now and has high heel play shoes. When she is home playing, she is in those shoes and has to make a pass by the tile floor in whatever room she is in to hear them "clomp!" Remember those days? Longing for the high heels? Hmmmm, I am real happy in a 3 inch now as long as it passes all of the comfy stretchy flex soft sole............and on and on!
I'm going to add a few pictures of shoes, I wonder which one you are? Which ones you want to be? Which ones you long for or want to throw away? The first ones are my choice! But how much longer?


Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm with you...I'm the first pair. They're pretty, classy, high heels AND easy to slip out of when necessary. Haha! What more could a girl want in a pair of shoes. Of course, who knows how much longer I'll be able to get away with such heels but I'm gonna hang on as long as possible. You know I'd really like to be a pair of flip flops but you didn't put any of those on your list AND I guess they don't really qualify as shoes. Hehe! I enjoyed your post and your FB comments so much today. It's always fun talking about shoes. Love you! Chele

Cindy said...

Well, I am 51 and my most recent new shoes have 2 - 2 1/2 heels. They are all real comfortable, and I don't have to stand alot, I don't praise sing, I am sitting at the keyboard or in my pew most of the time, so that makes it possible. I do love some of the shoes you showed, my favorite would be the off white ones with the small heel. They look comfy and soft. The HIGH heels, well, I have never worn them. Thank the Lord my feet allow me to wear most anything that I want to, though. Cute post, hugs, ~cindys s~

Karen Hopper said...

Well, I'm 69, and I have no choice. To think I once wore 3-inch heels all the time to work and church. What wonderful days. Now, it's a low heel but the low/flat ones you picture just aren't my style. Even in my need for more stability (in shoe), I still like style. lol

April Renee said...

I'm in the middle, I like heels but my back complains a little, especially when praise singing!!! Hee hee!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sis. Hill! I just found your blog as well as Misti's (going from link to link): )I'd have to say I like the 7th pair of shoes--they look very 60's vintage. Say hello to your family for me! I love the picture of Misti and Cherish--so sweet!
God Bless,
Charity Hall

Anonymous said...

Sister Hill,
I just had to comment on your post, and say I LUV THE BLOG !

Shoe #1 is definitely my favorite ! Classy , black , dressy what more can you say ? Shoe # 3 I would probably throw away LOL Shoe #5 is really cute, and I would wear them . I am 48 , and still wear 3 inch heels to church as long as they are comfy( not to the mall though) I don't like shoes without some sort of a heel unless I am wearing a jean skirt / casual attire and the shoes are really cute. Hopefully I will NEVER have to give up heels entirely :-(

What really made me comment more than ever is my wondering if you remember doing the roses the first year of your & Bro Hill's pastorate in Corrigan, and what happened that day ? Me & hubby came to help that day and we really didn't know the two of you all that well at that point. I had on a pair of leather very small / almost no heel comfy shoes. Bro Hill looked down at my shoes ,and said " Those are the ugliest shoes I have ever seen ".... ROFLOL ... I was SPEECHLESS at first , and then remember you hurriedly explaining that he really liked the shoes , and was being a "clown" . When I read your post , I just died laughing remembering all that .

Just remembering all the good times we had with you guys :-) We still think of you two often , and appreciate all that we gleaned during that time of your ministry in Corrigan. Love u both bunches !! Sister Vicki

Thanks again for the good laugh :-)