Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Is that praise?

Our son-in-law, Adam and two of his friends from Bro. Rick Keyes' church in Santa Maria! Enjoy!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Working together!!

I know, I know, most people think that making peanut brittle is archaic!! But when we came to this church 9 years ago, it was a routine thing! People had set clients who all wanted it. It was an awesome fund raiser! We haven't made it in over a year. However, we took the opportunity last week to try our hand at it again. Believe it or not, people have been begging for it! We have a commercial kitchen in our annex and the perfect space to make it!

We took orders the week before and had 240 bags ordered!! We asked for people to volunteer, and had a great turn out! I was amazed and felt so blessed at the new converts that came to learn to make peanut brittle! It was so refreshing and we realized just the quality of people who God has sent us! They were so sweet and hard workers!! We make 27 batches even trained a new pourer, which for those of you who make it, know that it is tough on the shoulders!! We laughed, visited, worked, laughed, acted crazy, and just worked for God!

On top of all of the great fellowship, we will clear over $700 on that fundraiser! Bring it on, that much fun and that much money, I'll give a few hours of my time!!

I forgot to get pictures, but I will next time! Thank you Pentecostal Tabernacle for showing up and helping in this endeavor! I'm counting on you all next week at our Spring Tri-Tip Dinner!!! Sell those tickets!!! Let's have another good time!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Say to me........

Cherish is in this mode of saying, "Say to me..........," and then she tells us what she wants us to say! So we then have to ask her or say whatever she wants us to say. It is a conversation starter for her. Thursday night, one of our ladies totalled her car in an accident, we went to pick her up and help out! One of the policemen saw me in the car with Cherish and he made friends with her! He said, "My name is Dave!" She said, "Me's Cherish Elyse Hill!" He said, "Nice to meet you!" She waited, looking confused and said, "Say to me, How are me?" He got a huge grin and said, "Well, How are you?" She said, "Fine, Me's three! On the twenty-turd!" We were all hiding our laughter by this point! It really is never dull with her around!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Have a wonderful, blessed day! This is the day that the Lord hath made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!

Sis. Abbey, I choose to not be troubled! Beautiful talk last night to the ladies at Sectional Conference!!! Thank you for being so sweet and gracious to agree to speak! You were certainly speaking to me! See, the Lord knew that it needed to be you instead of me!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

What an awesome weekend!

Our praise team sang, "Let the redeemed of the Lord say "So!" tonight! It was awesome! My husband kept stopping the song and asking if there were any redeemed that would like to say, "So!" A lot of us would take the microphone and basically testify about how the Lord had redeemed us and where he had brought us from or kept us from! It was so powerful, then he would have them sing again, then ask again! There were about 6-8 visitors and it was so awesome watching their faces as you would see that they were so thrilled that some of us had come from exactly where they find themselves!!

A couple of months ago, I mentioned that Misti was really working on people at her work. Well, I told about the waitress that we were talking to and telling her that God cared, and she left the table with tears in her eyes! Guess what!! She's been coming consistent of about 6 weeks now and you would not believe the difference in her looks and demeanor! She has been in the altar several times and is so very near the Holy Ghost! Well, she didn't say anything to the people at work about her coming, and the owner son, Abel asked her, "Are you going to church with Misti?" She asked, "Why?" He said, "Because you look different and you act much more quiet!" Hmmmm, he noticed! Guess who came to church tonight? ABEL!!!! Yeah! I think that we had better reserve a whole section of the church for the restaurant employees!! We are so careful when we go in there to be total Christians! No complaints, even when it is bad! Just being a witness makes all the difference!

The couple I told of that got married and baptized the same day, then got the Holy Ghost the next day, she came up for one of the "Say So's" She talked about how much the Lord has given her, the love and joy she has, and how much she loves, "this new family!" and motioned to our church!! You know that Pastor and Pastor's wife are rejoicing! It is so refreshing to be taking calls about where the best place to buy skirts is, or how to get their children to sit still in church, and on and on! I'll answer those questions all day long!

Thank you, Lord, for another awesome weekend!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Family Easter!!!

What a wonderful day we had! We had a church full of visitors! An awesome service and one visitor told my husband that he had to say that this was the most exciting church that he had ever been to and that he meant that as a compliment! The church honored me for my birthday and gave me one of the Edible arrangements that is the fruit flowers! Yum, we sure enjoyed that!! Then the family came over to the house for dinner, hunting eggs, naps, and decorating eggs! We did it in that order, too! We are eating the decorated eggs and hunted plastic ones! What a wonderful day to celebrate the resurrection of our King!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

May Your Day Be Blessed As We Celebrate Our Risen King!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ladies Tea!!

I am the section 3 ladies leader for our district! Last Saturday, I hosted our first annual Ladies Tea! It was exclusively for the pastor's wives, their daughters, the assistant pastor's wives and daughters, as well as senior pastor's wives! Because of the busy schedule, the turn out was not as great as I had hoped for! However, we had a marvelous time!!!
I want to thank each of the 9 ladies who attended! It was one of the most pleasant relaxing things that I have hosted! We went to a Victorian Tea House and acted all prissy and enjoyed several delicious cups of tea as well as most of us had the "cottage tea" which had the dainty sandwiches, scones, etc!
We sure missed all of those that had other obligations, but we were in full agreement that for the first one, the more intimate atmosphere was so refreshing! There were 4 of us from our church! I had our retired pastor's wife, Sis. Joyce Baglin, which is such an inspiration to me! There has never been a more Godly woman! Sis. Baglin, I do love you dearly! I am so thankful that God has seen fit for you to be a part of our family at Pentecostal Tabernacle! It is so wonderful to look around and find you there, strong and supportive! You are truly my inspiration! Also, our assistant pastor's wife, Sis. Angela Pinheiro!! Of course, you know that you are loved dearly and you and Bro. Jesse's support and faithfulness to pastor and I is such a blessing to pastor and I! AND I cannot wait until sometime this week or next, you little baby Makayla will make her appearance! Nana Hill, I will become!! Last, but not least, I took my daughter Misti, she and Adam are on our ministry team as well as her being my daughter, darling, I love you much and am so glad that you took the time to go with me and enjoyed the day with me!!Misti, Me, and Sis. Baglin

Sis. Angela & Misti

Sis. Pinheiro from Los Banos and a sweet lady from her church attended, and it was so nice to enjoy their fellowship! It was obviously a ladies day, we got off on the funniest "lady" conversations!!
The sweet sister from Los Banos and Sis. Pinheiro!!!

Our presbyter's wife, Sis. Cantrell, who was also one of my first pastor's wives that I remember as small girl, attended with two of sweet ladies from her church! I love Sis. Cantrell so much, her sweet gentle spirit is something to speak of all in itself! Thank you so much for supporting my little endeavor! Sis. Bridget Barker, which is our youth secretary for the district's wife, as well as his being my 3rd cousin!!! Aslo, Sis Jane! I can never remember her last name, as she has been a friend to our family since I was a young girl, taking care of my mother in the hospital soon after a tragic car accident and also my grandmother during the last stages of alzheimers! Thank you, Sis. Jane for being a friend to our family!!
Sis. Cantrell, Sis. Bridget Barker, and Sis. Jane!
I love you all, thank you for such a wonderful time! I cannot wait until next year as we entice a few other's to join us!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

We are going to dye easter eggs!

Well, I'm sorry if you don't "do" Easter, but we do! We love special family time, I know that Jesus died and rose again, and we are so thankful for that! Of course, we all are so thankful that His dying is what forgave our sins and makes it possible for us to be saved. But He also gave me a wonderful family and we will be spending time together after we worship our savior at our Easter sevice! My Cherish is 3 and will love it this year! We have always hidden plastic eggs for her, but this year I had decided that she would love to dye eggs, and guess what? Her big sissy, my 21 year old Misti, came to me to let me know that she and her husband, Adam, had decided that they want to dye eggs with Cherish! I had to laugh! I'm just not sure if they are really for Cherish, or there may be some special delight in "some others" getting to be involved! I do remember that last year, Adam would hide them and Cherish would search and them Cherish would hide them and Adam would search! I do so love these special moments! I bought the biggest neatest egg dying package I could find today, I'll buy a ton of eggs on Saturday, and watch out, we are going to have one fun Easter egg dying party!!!! Not on my carpet of course!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Thank you, Stephen, and all my family

My sweet husband and family helped make my birthday a wonderful day! Misti decorated the table all festive, my sister brought part of the food, we marinated steaks and Adam cooked them, and of course Cherish had a big day enjoying the celebration! Stephen even bought me 42 roses! They are on both sides of the gorgeous arrangement that you see! We partied big and enjoyed one another!!! Of course I had tons of emails, calls from family out of state, cards and presents! It's not so bad turning a year older since we just take one year at a time!!