Monday, December 29, 2008

A "BWOG" from Cherish

This morning , Cherish put on her grown up voice and said, "It's a very nice day, Mommy! Can you put that on the bwog?" So this post is for Cherish!

No matter what today holds, no matter what yesterday brought your way, or what tomorrow may have in store, it truly is a very nice day to be alive, have God in our lives, and to know that there is hope in our future. There have been many days that I quoted to myself and others that, "This, too, shall pass!"

Pentecostal Tabernacle is a witness today that you can make it through and come out victorious! Thank God for true revival, orchestrated by God!!!!

This truly is "a very nice day!" Thank you, Little Miss Cherish for reminding us all!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Dancing to the Chipmunks???

I was baking on Christmas Eve and had our stereo blaring with Christmas Cd's. Cherish was playing and having a good time, I heard giggling and moved a little to peek around to the living room, I grabbed my camera and captured part of the moment! Be sure to keep your eye on Annie, the dog, just after she jumps on the chair!! Enjoy my 3 year old's adventures!! Sorry, I was holding the camera crooked!!

By the way, she loved the doll house!! She had a wonderful birthday and Christmas. Yesterday, I reminded her that it was Jesus' birthday, here came the tears again! "No, pweez, I wanna open pwesents, too!" A little hard to understand, I think!!

We had one of the most relaxing Christmas's ever! No running from house to house! Misti, Adam, Mom, and Candi all came at 9:00 am and stayed until almost 10:00 pm last night! We ate, opened gifts, ate, all found bedrooms and took naps, ate, played, etc. How much better than that?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pictures of Cherish on her birthday!

We had a small party for Cherish tonight! It was just family here, and Cherish was definately the queen for a night!! She was very gracious and told us each, "Thank you very much!" with every item that she opened!! What a sweety!!

My Cherish is 3 years old today!!! Happy Birthday!

In May of 2005 we recieved the shock of our life!! There would be a new baby coming to the Hill family! Misti was one month from graduating from high school and I was 39 and Stephen 42! We were delighted, but in denial! I took 5 tests before I would believe!!

Here we are, 3 years later and I could not imagine life without her! She is a joy to us that I cannot even begin to explain! "Thank you, Jesus, for our little miracle, Cherish!"

Today we will PARTY! It is 10:30 in the morning and she is asking for chicken nuggets, so she will get them now! I never let her eat like that before noon, but today is her day!! Tonight, her Sissy and Adam, Mamaw and Aunt Candi are coming over and we are eating PIZZA, of which her Daddy strongly dislikes!! Cake of course, to go in the princess party! She is asking for a doll house and that alone, so her daddy and I bought her the doll house at Costco with the elevator! She'll get it tonight!

We took her to Build A Bear yesterday, we waited for this birthday to do her first one so she would understand! We have a very cute dog named "Princess Daisey!"

Here is a clip of her from Sunday in a kids program!! She's a mess!

Cherish, darling, your mommy loves you with all her heart!! Happy Birthday, doll!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to my favorite sister!!

Today is your Birthday,

Happy Happy Birthday!

Today is your Birthday,

So have a Happy Day!


Today is my only sister's birthday! Candace is such a caring and sweet lady! She is so quiet that we take her for granted! Today is our day to let her know how much we love her!
Candace, you are 39 today! I hope your day is filled with love and happiness! It seems strange not partying today for you, but since you chose tomorrow, we'll just party extra hard then!! I love you dearly and do so appreciate all of your help! Have a great fantastic day!!
Your "little" Sis!
P.S. For anyone who feels offended by the "Little" remark. I'm older than Candace by 3 years but she introduces me as her "little" sis just to see people's reactions!! You are crazy girl!!
The Candace part.....that is her name but she goes by Candi, I love her given name and like to see her reaction when I use it! I was always jealous of her beautiful name when I got stuck with plain old Susan!!! LOL!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ladies Party 2008 A Huge Success!!!

It was a fabulous party!! Tons of food, lots of presents, and a great turn out! I had 37 ladies in my home! We had a table in the office, a table rounding the corner from the living room to the kitchen, the dining table extended to seat 10 and my bar seats 5. So there were still about 10 of us holding our plates, but we sure weren't complaining!!! The visitor ladies came and loved it! We laughed so hard! It was a wonderful time and I feel fulfilled this night!

Thank you to all of you who brought desserts! They were delicious!! Sis. Lois for the deviled eggs, Misti for the Hill Salsa, & Sis. Angela for one of the Pampered Chef wreaths!!

Misti, your help today was unbelievable. I could not have made it without you and Dad helping out! I know you are exhausted but I do appreciate all of your hard work! It was fun working together, but we were under the gun getting it all done, weren't we??

Stephen, what can I say, I have the best husband in the world! He was right there working himself like crazy! I know that you are exhausted, but the ladies of Pentecostal Tabernacle had a wonderful evening while you guys met at the pizza place with our kids! Cherish loved it!!

Oh, to Tracie Smith, the game from your hospitality blog that you pass the gift RIGHT and LEFT was a great hit! We had two circles and we had one gift in each circle that went around! Thanks so much for your site! I love it! Oh, yes, we loved the cranberry iced tea, I made a variation on it for a lemonade!! I used some of the cranberry and a little of the orange juice in the lemonade and added sliced lemons and oranges in the top! It was beautiful and delicious!! 3 gallons of each were all gone!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hello to my blogger friends!

Where have I been? I have had company! My Dad and his wife have been with us for a week and we have partied the whole time!!! We just returned from the airport, I'm exhausted, and have 2 days until the Christmas party at my house!! So, rest tonight, make 3 centerpieces and clean house tomorrow, decorate, set up, cook and have the party on Thursday!! I can't wait!! (Stephen is taking Cherish out for pizza while we party!!)

Oh, I had a call today from a new lady at our church, we have had 20 visitors consistently in the last month! 5 families all connected to each other, never had the Holy Ghost and really hungry for God!! This lady that called is one of them, 4 of the ladies are coming to the party! I'm so excited! I already had confirmation from 5 of the other new ladies that have been coming! So, move over Pentecostal Tabernacle ladies, let's make room, overwhelm them with our love! Let's let God do His work!!

So, if you don't hear from me in a while, I have the church dinner on Sunday Night! Busy week!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Who's birthday are we all preparing for??

I'm sorry but I found this so cute! The man who cleaned our carpet this week said to Cherish, "Oh, your birthday is almost on Jesus'!" She looked at him really odd and said, "It's the twenty-tird!" So after he left, I tried to explain that we celebrate His birthday on Christmas and that hers was only 2 days earlier, etc. That was all fine! The next day, when I was decorating the house and setting the tree up, I was telling her that it was all for Christmas and for Jesus' birthday, and so on. Well, that did it! She cried and cried. Broken-hearted for life! "No, dis is my tree, not Jesus'! Pweez mommy, it's for my birfday!" So, I believe that we must decide here, who's birthday we are preparing for around this house!!

While typing this, Cherish just walked in from a 2 hour nap, she said to me, "I waked up from a wong (long) nap!" I said, "You did?" She said, "Uhh-huh, for my Cwismas twee!" Hmmmm.....maybe she'll understand next year!

We are all very tired today, so we ran through Burger King (not my favorite) and grabbed lunch. Oh, yes, a paper crown for Cherish, too. That is her "pwincesss cwown" today! I was getting ready to lay down, she came into my room and said, "Mommy, wisten!!! Dis is bery 'porant stowy!" (mommy listen, this is a very important story!" I said, "Oh, OK, Daddy let's listen to this very important story!" She said, with her crown on, "You sing Pretty Princess Tweeeel for me so I can Tweeeel!" (Tweeeel = Twirl!) So we proceeded to sing the song I made up for her two "Tweeeeel!

Maybe we will all just have to "tweeeel" on Christmas in front of HER tree!!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Oh, I do love this season!!

I may be extremely busy, but I love it! I'm preparing for the ladies dinner at my home and the church dinner on the 21st, buying gifts, preparing my home for my father's visit this next week, gearing up for Cherish's birthday on the 23rd, and of all things, we had our carpets cleaned, so we emptied the house the day before yesterday! Uggghhh, bad thing to do right before Christmas! But it sure looks nice!
Misti and I took the opportunity while the carpet was wet, to run errands for Christmas! I finished Stephen's gifts and a couple more! It was so nice spending the time with Misti! We always have a great time and she spoils Cherish to death!
Adam spoke at a youth service last night about an hour from here and it was all guys going from here do to the busy season, so Misti stayed behind! We enjoyed her here with us! I was decorating for Christmas, Wow, that is such a job!! Anyway, that is finished and beautiful! She was going to help, but she got to enjoying her sister and that was it! She goes to work so early in the morning that she is so tired in the evening, so it was so nice just enjoying them enjoy one another! Cherish got in trouble from her daddy a couple of times and Misti could not stand it! I found it amusing!
Well, today..............there is a home missions church in San Mateo (outskirts of San Francisco) that the pastor is very ill and they have to be in their newly rented building by the 1st. 3 walls have to be torn out an the main sanctuary rebuilt! So, guess where my husband and 4 of our guys are? They left at 5 am and drove 3 hours, they are now demolishing walls, oh guys love that!! LOL I don't expect them before about midnight tonight. So my day? Laundry, finishing the last touches to the house before my dad's visit, preparing my lesson for the pre-teens tomorrow, and guess who is coming over as soon as possible? Hint: Adam went with Stephen to San Mateo! You guessed it! I'll have both of my girls all day today! How blessed am I? I've had Misti 3 days in a row! Ha, I haven't even spoken to my son-in-law in those 3 days! I'm not glad he's so busy, but it sure nice to be with Misti!
By the way, this is the first time in 3 years that Misti will be home for Christmas! The schedule finally allows her to be here this year! We are so thrilled!
So as you can see, we are enjoying every minute of this crazy time! Don't tell anyone, but we had the Chipmunks Christmas blaring through our house yesterday! Oh, Cherish loved that! We all had to sing and dance a little! LOL No, our house is never dull!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Vacation Slideshow!

I promised a slideshow of vacation pictures! We had a fabulous time in Oceanside, at Sea World, and at Disneyland! Enjoy!!

P.S. I don't know what Cherish had in her mouth on "It's A Small World" but it must have tasted good!!