Monday, April 27, 2009

Working together!!

I know, I know, most people think that making peanut brittle is archaic!! But when we came to this church 9 years ago, it was a routine thing! People had set clients who all wanted it. It was an awesome fund raiser! We haven't made it in over a year. However, we took the opportunity last week to try our hand at it again. Believe it or not, people have been begging for it! We have a commercial kitchen in our annex and the perfect space to make it!

We took orders the week before and had 240 bags ordered!! We asked for people to volunteer, and had a great turn out! I was amazed and felt so blessed at the new converts that came to learn to make peanut brittle! It was so refreshing and we realized just the quality of people who God has sent us! They were so sweet and hard workers!! We make 27 batches even trained a new pourer, which for those of you who make it, know that it is tough on the shoulders!! We laughed, visited, worked, laughed, acted crazy, and just worked for God!

On top of all of the great fellowship, we will clear over $700 on that fundraiser! Bring it on, that much fun and that much money, I'll give a few hours of my time!!

I forgot to get pictures, but I will next time! Thank you Pentecostal Tabernacle for showing up and helping in this endeavor! I'm counting on you all next week at our Spring Tri-Tip Dinner!!! Sell those tickets!!! Let's have another good time!!


Tracie Smith said...

Talk about hard work! It is amazing how these times are always fun though. People who volunteer to work are the good spirited ones! Ever noticed that??? Love you bunches!

Elden said...

LOL that song and dance they used to have us do when we were kids played in my mind. When we all pull/ work together..... How happy we'll be. Anywho I need to go to bed have to be up by 5:30 for class. Thought I'd comment b4 calllong it a nite.

Karen Hopper said...

Always had so much fun making peanut brittle. It always turned into our mid-day mid-week service. We laughed, we cried, we prayed, we sang, and yes, we HURT or got burned. But it brought unity, and made us to realize that we all had more of a common bond than we thought. Susan, it's so nice to hear that this endangered species is still alive.