Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cherish is too much!!

We have been in Texas for a few days. Our niece, Maddie, wanted to be baptized and her parents wanted my husband to have the honor baptizing her! So, we flew out on Thursday morning and back her Tuesday morning very early. It was a hurried trip, but we had a fabulous time with family! It is always so wonderful to visit, but as we all know, it is so nice to be home. We all woke up today feeling human again! Yesterday was crazy, everyone was exhausted and just a little bit cranky!

Cherish has not had the opportunity to ever spend a lot of time with my husband's brother, Kevin. He works out of state and is rarely there when we are. So, since Maddie is his daughter, he was home for the weekend. Cherish went to his house for several hours with Maddie. They had a blast. Maddie even fixed Cherish her own "whole" sprite. She never gets that much!!

Well, later that evening, when they brought her back to my mother-in-law's, she and Uncle Kevin had made fast friends! Misti always loved to hang out with him when she was little because he is "one of the kids!" We were all visiting and he got down and became her horse! He walked on hands and knees all through the house and they visited the barn, the mall, the store and anywhere else that Cherish could think to make the different rooms of the house. That was good and fine! When it was time for Kevin to leave, she went to him and while she was hugging him, she had the biggest whining voice and said, "Mom, I'm gonna miss.............." at this point we were all set for this nice sweet moment that was going to make Kevin feel special for life, and she finished her sentence, " FAT horsey!" It was too much! We were all crying we were laughing so hard. So, Kevin is officially Cherish's "Fat Horsey!"

I'll add a few pictures of the trip. Stephen baptized Maddie's cousins Meghan Cunningham, Lauren Cunninghame, and Ryan Lopez. It was very sweet! We got to see our niece, Becca and her darling baby boy, Bryson! Oh, I could sure steal that child, well both of them. Becca has always been special. We ate at all of the favorite places including Kingwood Catfish House, Pappasitos, Pappadeaux, and Pappa's BBQ! Granny had fixed us her famous roast, my favorite carrots and banana pudding! I just knew that I would have gained weight, but I didn't! We were eating one meal at about 2:00 and then snacking later. So I guess I kept calories down!
Thank you to all of the family for having us! It was a great time!! We love you all!


Cindy said...

Ahh, sounds like you had a wonderful week and for Steven to baptize his niece and friends, what could be better? Hugs, Cynthia

Karen Hopper said...

Looks like Cherish has Kevin whipped into shape. LOL