Monday, October 19, 2009

It's Fall!!!

I love it when the weather begins too cool, the leaves begin to change and you can just feel the change in the air! I notice that everyone begins to talk about the Holiday Season, speak of family traditions, and bring out the sweaters and shop for new boots! I've heard several mention that they are a bit nervous for Christmas because of the financial situations this year. Maybe we all need to reconsider the way that we have always done things. Maybe we should focus a little more on quality time then on quantity or abundance of "things!" I have yet to talk to one person, even in the ministry that has not felt the effects of our economy! So, we really need to think about what we will do this year. I think, "But Misti and Adam will be so disappointed if they don't get as much as usual!" Then I hear her say, "Mom, I think we all need to be careful this year!" I also remember each year that Adam says, "You guys always buy too much!" I just wonder, would our love for our children or their love for us change any if we show our love in acts, in deeds, maybe in mom's cooking? I know the answer to this, now, can I actually do it? I'm not saying that we won't buy anything, I'm saying that the stress on all of us would be a lot less if we could learn to have moderation in our buying! Everyone that we usually buy gifts for are in the same situation...............hmmmm, I think we could truly make this a special holiday by enjoying one another and concentrate on what truly matters!


Tracie Smith said...

Wonderful post! Causes me to think....Love you and loved the pic!!!

Cindy said...

You are so right, there are better ways to show our love then spending, spending, spending! In fact I have made up my mind to give everyone the same things again, only I think I will make monogrammed pillows this year. Monograms are big and you see them everywhere you go, so...I just have to figure out which color for everyone! I am glad to see a new post, I've been missing them! Hugs, Cynthia

Karen Hopper said...

Great post! We will be cutting down for the second straight year in our house - and what a difference. It's returning to the old Christmases when it was all about family and not about the material things. I'm thankfu to state that the gift of LOVE will be under our tree this year.