Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So Blessed!

I had a lady that I highly respect ask me last night how my daughter, Misti is doing! I just remarked that she is doing great and that her and Adam are really happy and very busy with the church! She just smiled really sweetly and said, "Misti is a very special young lady!"

I know that myself, I take it for granted. She is very godly and has a very sweet spirit about her! What an awesome soal winner she is and a great mentor! However, it just all came to my mind again at how blessed I am that she is grown, almost 22 years old and she has been such a joy to us!

Misti, I love you much and am so very godly proud of you! You are beautiful and don't ever lose the sweet spirit of the Lord that you have. Without Him, we are nothing! Love you much!


Misti Wiley said...

Thank you mom, but think you are a little biased. Lol I love u! I am nothing without God in my life. Thanks for raising me the right way! I love u and dad more then u will ever know.

Cindy said...

Oh Susan, what a beautiful thing for someone to say about your daughter. You and Steve obviously lived Godly lives before her, so she knew what a Christian really was. Godly children are indeed a great blessing. Hugs, Cynthia

Karen Hopper said...

Amen to that - Misti is a jewel.

Tracie Smith said...

Sweet post and a sweet girl!!!!