Thursday, June 4, 2009

It won't work, Mommy!

Cherish really does play with her stuffed animals. They are her class at school that she teaches, they are her babies that are sick and she puts to bed, they are whatever she is playing at the time. She has two large drawers full of them and yesterday she had them all pulled out in in her floor. This is fine while she is playing. So there were about 50 large and small animals strung across her room at bedtime. I told her to go put them all back in the drawers. She left for a while and came back to me saying, "It won't work, Mommy. It won't work!" I wasn't paying attention and she kept saying it. I finally walked to her room to get her ready for bed and this is what I found.

She forgot that they all went in 2 drawers not just 1. She had tried really hard and had them all picked up. I just opened the other drawer that was empty right beside it and she started giggling and said, "Oh!" I took the picture with my iPhone and it was pretty dark in there.


Cindy said...

Ah, that is so cute, she is such a little doll. What a good girl she is to pick up all of her toys, my grand daughter is five and I think Carolyn still struggles to get her to pick everything up. Hugs, Cynthia PS I have started a blog and I have put you on my favorites list. Come and check it out it is mostly about our little bungalow and area. I only started last Sunday.:^)

April Renee said...

She is just way too smart for her own good!! BTW, how did it go with the bubbles from the "Beast"? LOL

Karen Hopper said...

Oh Cherish is definitely one to be "cherished". And how I remember those animals. I'd have a hard time getting them into two drawers.